Cigars - Recommendations from our members

Based on our own preferences, our members would like recommend the following cigars for your enjoyment. Please be advised that some of these cigars may not be suitable for people who have just discovered cigars.




  • Cohiba Robusto
    Before, during, and after a meal. To any Gentlemen's evening with Whisky
    Taste: Strong cigar. It's decidedly aggressive taste makes you feel you have to work for your pleasure. It has a character that becomes more balanced and sophisticated with age. After four years of storage in a humidor, this cigar becomes almost unbeatable.
    Note: Strongly recommended by each and every member.
  • Cohiba Esplendido
    When: after a large meal
    Taste: Balanced, well rounded. Last third more enjoyable for afficiados.
  • Montecristo Nr. 2 (Figurado)
    When: With a good single malt
    Taste: Strong cigar, especially in it's last third. Not suitable for beginners.
  • Hoyo de Monterey Epicure Nr. 2
    When: With a 1967 Taylor's
    Taste: Well balanced, does not become too strong. Will leave you longing for more.
  • Romeo y Julieta Monte Cristo, Cedros de Luxe Nr.3 (Petit Corona)
    Always - anytime
    Taste: Very mild, suitable for beginners, nicely rounded
    Note: probably the best cuban value for money.
  • Vegas Robaina Figurado (or Robusto - both are highly recommended)
    When: After a good meal, during deep thoughts
    Taste: All-round cigar - not too light, not too strong.
  • Montecristo Nr. 5
    During a walk, or perhaps even a game
    Taste: A small cigar with the taste of "big" one. Strong, but not aggressive.